BNPL Variants

Almost anything that can be purchased now but payment settled later can come in various forms.


Buy Now Pay Later (aka Shop Now Pay Later)
 Care Now Pay Later
 Eat Now Pay Later
 Stay Now Pay Later
Vacation Now Pay Later
Drive Now Pay Later
Rent Now Pay Later
Build Now Pay Later
Send Now Pay Later
Used for the purchase of any physical product: home & kitchen appliances, phones, clothes, beauty products, etc
 Used for paying for healthcare needs not covered by the NHIS or some other public medical insurance.
 For buying prepared food, packaged foods, groceries, fresh produce.
 Being able to stay in any GTA-regulated hotel or guesthouse in Ghana, if you have to and not have to worry about the immediate cost.
Opportunity to go on your long-awaited restful and/or experiential personal and/or family vacation (home/abroad) without having to break the bank for it.
You get to buy and/or own a car and repay over several monthly instalments up to 60 months (extendable in some circumstances)
 Renting and paying your rent monthly as a salaried worker with regular income
 You can build on your own litigation-free unencumbered land pay by instalments
 Remittance service that allows UK residents and Ghana-resident existing customers of The TDG Ecosystem to do cross-border money transfers even if you don't have money and pay later
 Any business entity that sells physical product or service.
 Any regulated healthcare business (clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, diagnostic centres, etc).
 Any regulated food & beverage business.
 Any hospitality sector business
 Any hospitality sector business
 Automobile businesses.
 Landlords & Property Owners
 Litigation-free Landowners.
 Money Transmitting Businesses



Platform funding support are credit facilities that we provide existing retail/vendor partners with at least 3 months of active transactions with us - loans are multiples of your past sales figures. Platform loans are only provided to retail/vendor partners hosting their webstores with any of our onboarding partners.



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