BNPL Signup

To sign your business up for this service, you must meet the requirements set out above and apply via any of the following onboarding partners set out below in Ghana, the UK and Mainland Europe (depending on where your business was registered or incorporated). There is no upfront fees to be onboarded as a business and neither are any upfront fees charged to your customers.

To qualify to be added to our database to benefit from our unique BNPL Offering, you just need to host your web store with any of our onboarding partners below in your jurisdiction:


Onboarding Partner
 Targeted Prospective Buyers
Motivated TDG Ecosystem Preapproved Buyers
Potential Customers (Excluding TDG Ecosystem)
Direct Merchant Funding Support
Merchant Onboarding Fees
Ongoing Charges
Free E-Commerce Store Design
 All SSNIT-registered Salaried Workers, TDG Ecosystem Existing Customers (Ghana Residents + Global)
20,000+ (Groupwide)
1.5m+ SSNIT-registered Salaried Workers
Available (Up to 6 times your monthly sales)
FREE if already hosting webstore with Onboarding Partner (We currently do not onboard businesses that host their webstore outside of servers).
Up to 10% per transaction
Available if hosting with our Onboarding Partner
Website hosted with any provider you want.
 Not Available



Platform loans are credit facilities that we provide existing retail/vendor partners with at least 3 months of active transactions with us - loans are multiples of your past sales figures. Platform loans are only provided to retail/vendor partners hosting their webstores with any of our onboarding partners.



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